Eruption 1323875

Geyser:Fan and Mortar Event Cycle
Time Entered:2021-07-21 20:06:21
Time Uploaded:2021-07-21 21:26:08
Entrant:Ben VL
Observer:Ben VL, Dan A, Brian, Kitt, SteveO, JimS, Dean
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Comments:1626 R on. 1629 G on. 1637 R off for a Gold pause. 1644 R on to end 7min pause. 1649 MVS. 1650 R off for 2nd pause. 1651 low UMS. 1651 MVS. 1659 R back on to end 9m pause. 1659 G on. WL good and sustained for about 5m before A. 1708 A on, water levels poor. 1724 low UMS. 1731 UMS even lower. 1737 pretty sure we got a MVS, relatively medium\small though. Did not make an attempt at erupting.

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