Eruption 1326876

Geyser:Fan and Mortar Event Cycle
Time Entered:2021-08-06 17:54:38
Time Updated:2021-08-11 15:16:09
Time Uploaded:2021-08-11 15:16:09
Observer:Tara, Brian, Jim S, etc
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Comments:~1500 River off from previous cycle with continuous Angle. River looked like it might come on a few times as the off period progressed and there were spits of water in Bottom Vent. 1524 River on followed by Gold with good water levels for about 2 minutes. 1526 water levels crashed and Main started huffing, 1527 Angle off and two low MV splashes. 1530 River off & MV splash, this was not technically a pause because of Angle being on in the cycle but it acted like one. For 5 minutes Main was roaring but no water was seen, and River had a few blips of steam. 1535 Angle splashes, then Main splashed again and water levels began to rise steadily in Main, Bottom Vent, and Lower Mortar, which had low fuzzballs at 1538 and 1539. Upper Mortar also splashed at 1539, first water seen from it at any point during the interval. Main Vent splashed nearly every minute from 1535-1554. Bottom Vent erupted at 1546 (d~4m) and 1554 (d~7.5m). Lower Mortar had high fuzzballs at 1552 and 1554. 1600 River on, 1602 Gold on with Gold 2 & 3. 1604 MV roared briefly and water levels faltered for a few minutes. 1607 Angle splash, 1608 Angle on, water levels variable at first, then starting at 1612 High and Gold began to build, waxing and waning but getting higher with each push. Finally at 1619 High became steady, and Gold committed to lock at 1621. Mortar began to grumble, then 1623 Main Vent initiated the eruption with a low splash, East Vent shot up, and water flooded Lower Mortar and then Upper Mortar.

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