Eruption 1337568

Geyser:Fan and Mortar Event Cycle
Time Entered:2021-10-14 20:41:37
Time Updated:2021-10-19 20:06:20
Time Uploaded:2021-10-19 20:06:20
Observer:Tara & Ben VL
Comments:1602 River off from previous cycle, Angle still splashing. 1608 Angle off, Main Vent steam. 1613 Angle splash, then off again. 1619 Bottom Vent splashing, low water in Lower Mortar. 1622 River on, Main Vent heavy steam, 1626 Main Vent percussive first splash, then cone-filling splash 1627. 1628 River pause (d=11m), continued Main Vent splashing through 1636, with several periods of near-constant low splashing. 1629 Bottom Vent and Lower Mortar splashing, 1632 Lower Mortar low fuzzballs, 1635 mid-level fuzzballs, 1639-40 very high fuzzballs and heavy Bottom Vent splashing with runoff to river. 1639 River on and Main Vent became quiet, 1644 Main Vent huffs, 1646 and 1647 last Main Vent splashes. 1647 River pause (d=2m), 1649 and 1650 Lower Mortar mid-level fuzzballs. 1649 River on, 1657 Gold on, 1702 Angle on. Water levels variable at first, 1706 High jetting then dropped again, 1707 Back Vents on, 1709 Frying Pan on, water levels immediately improved, 1711 High steady jetting, 1712 lock, 1714 low Upper Mortar surge, 1715 sustained Upper Mortar surge well above cone, 1715 Main Vent followed by East and Lower together to start the eruption.

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Ben VL
Time Entered:2021-10-14 23:00:46
Time Uploaded:2021-10-14 23:00:46
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