Eruption 1340473

Time:0230 A
Geyser:East Sentinel
Standardized Duration:~12m
Time Entered:2021-11-10 11:55:49
Time Updated:2021-11-10 13:50:21
Time Uploaded:2021-11-10 13:50:21
Comments:Alright, I kept seperate notes, my one for date/time is lost. So we are basing this date and time based on some research and what is mentioned in detailed notes. Available date data: It was near a full moon in early summer/late spring. I was on a weekend visit. That gives me 3 days this could have occurred on. June 12th, June 19th, or July 17th. I picked the 19th as July is a bit outside of my thoughts, and my notes indicate It was early season. The time I do have in the descriptive notes is after 2am. So that would mean to me between 2 and 3 am. Thus the approximate time. Now the description. The geyser wasn't doing any minors it just built up to a really good major. It had those large splashing surges. It was from the vent that shoots into the water only, they were large splashs into the river water nearly every surge/pulse/push during that period. Similar to what is recorded in September 4th 2021. Just into the river every time. The nearly full moon backlit the steam cloud from it, so the moon looked like a floating blue ball at that time to be visually. The large water splashs into the river water occurred until the end.

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