Eruption 1434379

Time:1130 ie
Geyser:Other Geyser
Time Entered:2023-09-17 14:28:43
Time Updated:2023-09-17 14:28:55
Time Uploaded:2023-09-17 14:28:56
Comments:Cold Water Geysers at Soda Dam, New Mexico. The entire hot springs group is energized from my last visit with many springs bubbling or overflowing much more than "Normal". At least 2 vents are periodic, one in a cluster of hot spring vents that are not frothing. It is erupting 1 to 2 inches high every few minutes with little to no bubbling between eruptions. Thermometer reads 105 while not erupting. Te second vent is nearby in a pool. It bubbles up maybe 1 inch high every few minutes but very irregularly. I observed intervals from 30s to 4m. All of the hot springs near here are bubbling, the strongest maybe reaching 6 inches high. The pool in the Soda Dam had waves on it and was sending up fist sized bubbles every few seconds, and was about a centimeter below overflow. The spring above the waterfall was gushing water a second vent I last saw empty is now full of water and just below overflow.

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