Eruption 1449652

Time:1325 ie
Geyser:Other Geyser
Time Entered:2024-01-03 15:06:59
Time Updated:2024-01-03 15:08:06
Time Uploaded:2024-01-03 15:08:06
Comments:This geyser activity is located in NGB - Porcelain between Pinwheel and the island of trees (hammock?) looking NNE. This has been an on and off feature since about mid-November. It was observed perpetual for several weeks. It then went to some sort of interval of days or hours in between (can't confirm). Eruptions were not observed again until today when it resumed a fountain-type eruption of about 6-8 feet. According to some consensus on a Facebook group, this perhaps was called at one time "Island Geyser". Comments are welcome.

i noticed this feature randomly active, producing a BIG bubble type eruptions in mid to late Sept-Oct 2023. It has been active in 2021 and 2022 also with the same large bubble type eruptions.
Entrant: cb
Time Entered:2024-01-03 16:57:24
Time Uploaded:2024-01-03 16:57:24
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
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