Eruption 927702

Geyser:Fan and Mortar Event Cycle
Time Entered:2017-07-31 05:29:55
Time Updated:2017-12-23 16:44:15
Time Uploaded:2017-12-23 16:44:08
Observer:EmilyW and MarkW
Comments:Apparently had no events overnight and certainly had no events the previous day. Arrived with steam from River decreasing and mv huffing loudly. First splash in main 0524 last splash 0558. Probably in first pause when arrived. River on 0530 River off 0543. At least first pause. River on 0552 Gold 0605. Angle 0611. Water levels were good throughout but also variable. At some point water levels looked very good but never quite got to lock. High would get very big but gold could not sustain. Upper mortar had 3 surges and at this point and water levels were not fantastic in fan. One large 10 foot upper surge and then Fan and Mortar 0624.

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