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Note IDStart Time (Atlantic/Reykjavik)End Time (Atlantic/Reykjavik)EntrantNote
34186 14 Apr 2024 @ 1514 --- Graham Seltún Geothermal Area near Krýsuvík has recently had an earthquake swarm, but I couldn't see significant changes from 2021. Many fumaroles and small boiling pools like before. The large "mud volcano" pool on the right side at the start of the trail was boiling vigorously.
34118 15 Mar 2024 @ 1631 --- Michael Álfaauga (Haukadalur) Water level rise with overflow and short intermittent boiling.
27216 25 Jul 2023 @ 1220 --- User34 Around this time I noticed a sudden increase in runoff in front of Álfaauga Geyser. Following the runoff channel it led back to Strokkur, which had been erupting regularly all through my 1½-hour wait. Above Strokkur is Fata Geyser, whose runoff joins Strokkur's. A possible event happened here? I couldn't get a good view of the crater to look for evidence of recent eruptions, and I didn't notice that increase in runoff again for the rest of the day.
20094 24 Oct 2021 @ 1356 --- Graham Geysir. Very small convection, otherwise looks worse than Giantess on a bad day. No eruption yet!
30 Oct 2021 @ 0659 Graham Video of the perpetual spouters. The geyser is just to the left of the spouters.
30 Oct 2021 @ 0653 Graham Video of the eruption cycle. Note the smaller vents below the geyser which increase in activity prior to the eruption.
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