Last Known Eruption
240d 17h 45m ago

Interval Statistics

Interval Count27
Max3y 261d 18h 47m
Mean65d 15h 10m
Median1h 3m

Latest Notes

Note IDStart Time (Pacific/Auckland)End Time (Pacific/Auckland)EntrantNote
30533 19 Nov 2023 @ 1100 --- Graham Wairakei Thermal Valley. There were 24 geysers here before the power plant was built. Now, zero, and everything is getting overgrown. There are lots of steaming slopes, like a mini-Roaring Mountain.
30440 18 Nov 2023 @ 1415 --- Graham Tokaanu Thermal Walk, Hoani Pool. Water level low, at least 6 inches below overflow. Similar to the level Suzanne and Heinrich saw post eruption in March 2023. At this time it looks like it's inactive with clear water but not very hot (hardly any steam on a rainy day). Water level didn't change in ~2h.
30441 18 Nov 2023 @ 1410 --- Graham Tokaanu Thermal Walk, Taumata Puhipuhi Geyser. The one "regularly active geyser" did not erupt in 1h45m of observation (Suzannne and Heinrich saw intervals around 25min in March 2023). Miniscule increase and decrease in water level with near continuous boiling at one spot and occasional splashes to 6 inches or so. Rain was washing some mud into the crater.
14177 01 Mar 2020 @ 1240 --- Michael Iodine, Waimangu 2020-03-01 @ 1240 ie A
Briefly seen in eruption on the bus ride to the visitor centre.
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