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24y 36d 16h 6m ago

Interval Statistics

Interval Count13
Max26y 49d 18h 2m
Mean2y 18d 3h 34m
Median2h 0m

Latest Notes

Note IDStart Time (US/Mountain)End Time (US/Mountain)EntrantNote
24240 05 Oct 2022 @ 1315 --- WillBoekel North vent lightly bubbling
24051 24 Sep 2022 @ 1300 --- Art Both vents still have water. North vent (left) heavily boiling and splashing up to 6 inches. South vent (right) lightly boiling at times with mostly light blooping bubbles. Similar to as described on 9-3-2022. No signs of major eruptions.
23549 03 Sep 2022 @ 1520 --- Graham Both vents still have water. Right vent is bubbling. Left vent has small splashes to 6 inches. there is what looks like some wetness inside the crater of both vents as if it has been splashed, but it may just be the natural colors. No evidence of anything big happening though. May also be just damp from the steam.
23427 27 Aug 2022 @ 1314 --- User34 Left pool is boiling and starting to fill the shallow part of the basin, just past the lip, but still a couple feet from overflow. Right pool is opaque blue and bubbling most of the time.
23356 23 Aug 2022 @ 0841 --- Craigmon99 Both vents have water and are bubbling. North vent more vigorous but south vent is constantly boiling
23189 14 Aug 2022 @ 1534 --- minissa Just following up on another gazer's previous observation. When we were here about 4 weeks ago, Twin was completely empty and Abyss and Black Pool were below OF and cool. Both look higher and warmer today, and the water in Twin is definitely steaming. Right/back vent has more water in it, clear and perhaps half full. Left/front vent more like a quarter to a third full and milky blue
23129 10 Aug 2022 @ 1147 --- Janet Jones Water visible in both vents with lazy bubbles rising. Water level just about half way from “out of sight” and “overflowing.”
19714 24 Sep 2021 @ 0753 --- SteveO Water in both vents completely out of sight, left vent lightly steaming.
14781 29 Jun 2020 @ 1347 --- bhoppe No water visible. Monkey flowers blooming in both vents.
12811 26 Jul 2019 @ 1642 --- nails No water or steam from either vent
11441 31 May 2019 @ 0932 --- Stephen_Gemar Completely empty; no trace of water at all. Steam only issuing from one of the vents.
11217 11 May 2019 @ 0704 --- ypcaribou Vents empty no steam.
8749 17 Jun 2018 @ 0715 --- ypcaribou Dry, no water visible in either vent, not steaming.
3194 03 Jul 2016 @ 1813 --- bhoppe Water level has risen 2-3 inches since last week. Clumps of grass which have grown in the southern vent in past years have been killed. Clump of grass on east bank of the south vent is nearly submerged.
16706 23 Aug 1998 @ 1821 --- JarnoO overflow started
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