Note 10592

Date/Time From:2018-10-08 @ 1440
Date/Time To:2018-10-08 @ 1559
Time Entered:2018-10-08 14:44:04
Time Updated:2018-10-09 07:11:07
Time Uploaded:2018-10-09 07:11:09
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Audible shift in steam phase may be the beginning of a shift to mixed phase. Repeated at 1523. Longer sputtering (motorboating?) started at 1547 and again about 1557. More water appears to be entering steam plume with each change. Also raining heavier in whichever direction wind is blowing. Sounds like a higher pitched sputtering (motorboating?) than the low rumble. These shifts also displayed a rooster tail of water centered in the steam that grew in size with each one. Had to leave around 1600 but my guess is the mixed phase was still hours away by then.

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