Note 10731

Geyser:Other Geyser
Date/Time:2018-11-09 @ 0500
Observer:YVO Gray Lakes Tributary Logger
Time Entered:2018-11-09 07:02:12
Time Uploaded:2018-11-09 07:02:12
Note:It seems as if something near YVO's Gray Lakes Tributary Logger is erupting. Small spikes seem to be occurring about every 3 hours and cause a raise in the trace of less than a °C. Spike does look rather thin, so this would suggest an eruption of <= 2 minutes. Have looked through Norris' Back Basin map and table in The Geysers of Yellowstone, 5th edition, but couldn't really find a match in the southwestern portion of Back Basin.

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Time Entered:2018-11-09 14:33:00
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