Note 11049

Date/Time From:2019-04-22 @ 1730
Date/Time To:2019-04-22 @ 2015
Entrant:Micah Kipple
Observer:Micah K, RMichaels, and Tom C.
Time Entered:2019-04-22 21:40:31
Time Uploaded:2019-04-22 21:40:31
Note:Steamboat continues to progress, although at a slower pace than the past several notes. When I arrived at Steamboat at 1730 There had just been a nice Woo-hoo! minor that was apparently the best activity of the day as reported by RMichaels and Tom C. At 1737 there was another Woo-hoo! That put a nice surge down the runoff channel. Throughout the rest of my detailed note taking from 1730 until 1830 there were no more Woo-hoos. The activity is dominated by South Vent which is voluminous and frequently sending up brief vertical jets that sustain for perhaps up to 5 seconds. No more 4 volume washes were seen down the runoff channel to the end of the detailed note taking section (1830). But at 1845 there was a nice Woo-Hoo! Minor, and things began to pick up a little. A brief lull of a few minutes was suddenly ended by two consecutive HOLY CUSS events at 1900 and 1902 that sent a flood of dirty, debris-filled water down the runoff channel and made some pretty good progress on dredging the trench some more. These were the two largest events of the day and this interval observed by far. Still, the activity is mostly voluminous concerted eruptions with a few mediocre vertical shots occasionally interrupted by Woo-Hoos! I remained until 2015 to see if there would be any more OMGs or HOLY CUSS events but there were none.

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