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Date/Time From:2019-04-22 @ 0810
Date/Time To:2019-04-22 @ 2015
Time Entered:2019-04-22 21:46:36
Time Updated:2021-08-28 12:15:04
Time Uploaded:2021-08-28 12:15:04
Note:I observed Steamboat from 0810 until 2015. Per a report from another observer who arrived earlier, Steamboat had a couple of concerted sustained vertical minors at about 0730. At 0935 there was a concerted minor with sustained vertical in South and briefly sustained vertical in North (a woo as opposed to a woohoo, to use the common parlance). There was a concerted sustained eruption from both vents at 1037 (woohoo). There was another peak in activity from 1320-1340, but it was mostly dominated by South Vent. This type of activity continued most of the afternoon. South Vent had sustained vertical minors with good runoff. North vent had good volume and many of its minors were concerted with South, but none had large or sustained vertical play. This type of energy waxed and waned on about an hourly cycle for the better part of the afternoon and evening. There were strong minors at 1737 (woo) and 1805 (woohoo). At 1845 there was another strong minor (woohoo), followed by a huge false start at 1859. The 1845 and 1859 events came after a long period of North vent having angled minors with very good volume in concert with sustained vertical minors from South. The false start was followed by another powerful minor within a minute or two. After that the activity slowly quieted down. North vent still had some vertical minors, though they grew less frequent leading to my departure at 2015. In short: no eruption yet.

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Micah Kipple
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