Note 11184

Date/Time From:2019-05-02 @ 0940
Date/Time To:2019-05-02 @ 1640
Observer:Polly, Tom, cb
Time Entered:2019-05-07 20:46:10
Time Updated:2019-05-09 04:43:38
Time Uploaded:2019-05-09 04:43:37
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Note:Strong concerted minors with vertical surges (Woo-hoos) were seen today at: 0944, 1007 (not as strong as the others), 1110, 1231 (this one was a series of 2), and 1406. We saw a nice vertical series 1609-1620 that produced “raging rivers” (strong runoff). Today & the 2 previous days we often saw long periods of quiet weak minors in between the strong minors. I didn’t record when we first saw the milky coloring begin near the South Vent but I believe it was at about 1400. We all left on the early side due to a windy snowstorm.

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