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Date/Time From:2019-05-19 @ 0627
Date/Time To:2019-05-19 @ 1945
Observer:billandcarol, many others
Time Entered:2019-05-19 16:55:16
Time Updated:2019-05-19 20:26:40
Time Uploaded:2019-05-19 20:35:02
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Note:2" of snow and NE wind made viewing difficult. Plenty of concerted play with strong SV and heavy runoff. NV tall and thicck, 40-50'. First vertical splash actually seen was at 0900. IMO NV seemed slightly more active than SV, although SV had numerous vertical minors, whereas NV merely splashed 3-5 ' in the vertical area. 0900 to 1200 strong concerted minors seen from upper deck, NV jetting 50-70', SV vertical 30+' two to three times an hour, but impossible to see if anything from NV approached vertical. Two NV vertical splashes seen at 1219 and 1226. NV continued jetting thicck minors to 50'+. 1330 to 1630, wind change allowed for several NV vertical splashes to be seen. Concerted play continued with SV 30+' and NV jetting to possibly to 60+'. 1655, increased activity. 1700, strong concerted with vertical NV, followed at 1705 by a sustained, concerted NV vertical. 1725 concerted with tall, thicck NV with vert. splash. 1735 Very long, sustained, vertical concerted minor, best of the day, that put a huge amount of water down SV channel, lasting about 20 seconds, followed by NV jetting 60+' but unable to see if vertical due to steam and wind direction. Next hour was relatively quiet followed by an hour of active concerted minors, some NV vertical splashing. Going home at 6 day mark, No eruption yet.

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