Note 11930

Date/Time From:2019-06-23 @ 0800
Date/Time To:2019-06-23 @ 1800
Entrant:Tom C.
Time Entered:2019-06-23 19:39:11
Time Updated:2019-06-27 21:07:07
Time Uploaded:2019-06-27 21:00:22
Note:Steamboat did its new bursty trick as described in CB's note. Two trees felled by runoff in the W. channel S. of bridge - one live, one dead. Water returned to the N. vent about 1545. S. vent completely in steam 1557.1558 first N. vent pause, water in S. to 40'-50' (both angled and upsy concurrently). This was followed by a 100' burst from N. vent while S. returned to steam. Very similar to the mixed water/steam phase on 6/12 and another witnessed by Byron last Spring. Pattern repeated every ~5 min,: quiet N. pause>40'-50' jetting from S>N burst to 80'-120'>S. to steam>quiet N. pause. At 1625 pattern began to cycle about every 2 min. About 1700 pattern became slightly messier, with shorter S. water phases and louder N. pauses. Activity began to disimprove slightly around 1730. Still ongoing at 1800. On to Wisconsin! Edit: It occurs to me that this is also very similar to the behavior described to me by Kim and Trish following the 10/23/18 eruption. See my comment on that eruption..

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