Note 12095

Date/Time:2019-07-03 @ 1726
Observer:Webbs, Kristin, Jody, Dan and others
Time Entered:2019-07-03 21:43:45
Time Uploaded:2019-07-03 21:43:51
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:During a period of more vigorous play, one burst granded (vertical play, water all across both vents and in between) but play was not sustained for more than a minute. After this one burst, the system quieted down, although it had an hour's worth of tall NV bursts (over tree line at times) occurring at only seconds' long intervals. Twig exposed about 2" when we walked down around 1500 where it was 1/8-16" from being completely covered at the same time yesterday

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