Note 13363

Date/Time From:2019-08-01 @ 0945
Date/Time To:2019-08-01 @ 1215
Observer:Polly & Emme
Time Entered:2019-08-23 15:11:53
Time Updated:2019-08-23 15:13:18
Time Uploaded:2019-08-23 15:13:18
Note:When we arrived, Oblong had lots of flowing water all the way down to the front. At first, it was having pushes (including a second push) about every 15-20 minutes. I saw "drool" at 1013, 1036, 1055, & 1122 (strong). After the push at 1122, the pool dropped and at least 6" of rock was visible on the left edge. This time the rise was a slow one, until I saw decent overflow at 1145. On the next rise, it had drool at 1150, then headed down at 1202. (This is similar behavior to what I saw last year. If so, if all continued well, it may have had an eruption within about an hour. We opted to leave, get some lunch, and go to Beehive, though. No eruption was seen this day.)

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