Note 13654

Date/Time From:2019-07-03 @ 0800
Date/Time To:2019-07-04 @ 0116
Entrant:Ben VL
Observer:Ben VL, Lisa VL, Carol, Bill, Byron, William, others
Time Entered:2019-09-11 20:39:03
Time Updated:2019-09-18 13:25:01
Time Uploaded:2019-09-18 13:30:48
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Note:Arrived ~0730-0800ish to activity with better volume and frequency than yesterday. Had the first recorded Woo-Hoo of the interval at 0825. Occasional brief vertical, but nothing all that exciting after that until after 11. Nice period of activity between 1137 and 1337. Nice minors at 1137 WooHooPlus+, 43 WooHoo, 46 Woo, 1216 Woo, 18 Woo+, 47 Woo/WooHoo, 47 follow up, 53, & 1337. Activity for the morning (including the Noontime energy peak) had good volume, frequency and height, some nice vertical, but SV was just not putting out that much runoff even from bigger minors (with a few exceptions). SV started putting out more consistent runoff sometime around 1448. A small build up led into a strong push that started abruptly at 1726 with a 40+' heavy sustained NV vertical that had some blue in it and heavy south with a river. This was followed up with an identical one at 1727, and again at 1728 with almost nothing in between. I left for Decker after that, so I did not see the rest of the push. Runoff at steerage as I passed by looked like a lot to me (4-5+?), I haven't put enough time down there. I made it to decker just in time for William to call that the activity was subsiding. Maintained some height for a little while, but it slowed down after that. Runoff died down to an abysmally poor level within an hour. Smaller push at 2042 with a 40-50' sustained, heavy NV vertical minor with heavy south, and a river. One small follow up. After that, William saw it transition into his "pressure cooker mode" that he observed earlier. Pretty dull play from 2115 until after midnight. Minors often sounded and looked pretty voluminous, although the runoff often didn't support. There seemed to be less thin, high velocity shots from North. It started raining/drizzling off and on which made things kinda miserable. Around 0015 to 0030 activity started to pick up a little bit. By 0050-0100 we started to get a series of really strong minors. The series dragged on, and for most of it the minors weren't close enough together to convince me it was going to do something. Steamboat passed on several opportunities for a major between 0050 and 0116. At 0115/6 we had a huge minor that was distinctly larger than anything we had seen yet. Huge, 30+' SV and loud, thick vertical surging over 50' from NV. The major followed immediately after that at 0116.

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