Note 14198

Date/Time From:2020-05-18 @ 1737
Date/Time To:2020-05-18 @ 1801
Entrant:Janet Jones
Time Entered:2020-05-18 22:49:40
Time Uploaded:2020-05-18 22:49:40
Note:I went down to check on F&M and stopped off at Giant because there was water on the platform. Took a quick photo - noticed that Bijou was off and headed to F&M where there was a tiny bit of water standing, but not enough to say it erupted. Back to Giant by 1755. Still no splashing visible in Giant. Checked the GIP and couldn't see any water from the boardwalk. 1758 saw one small spike from Catfish, and a bit later just one visible angled splash in Giant. The odd thing is that the standing water by the viewing platform had microbes growing in it. I have videos on my Instagram account and photos and videos on FB on the geyser discussion group. OH - and Marathon Pool was lower and near boiling - sort of at that point between heavy bubbles rising and boiling.

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