Note 16010

Date/Time From:2020-09-05 @ 0904
Date/Time To:2020-09-05 @ 1007
Observer:Ryan Maurer
Time Entered:2020-09-05 10:29:46
Time Uploaded:2020-09-07 17:32:37
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:SUMMARY: Steamboat is slowly waking up with wispy angled North Vent jets to 20-40' and South to 6'. Minors are distinct with periods of quiet between them. Minors tend to begin with grumbling huffs. Water is slowly starting down the runoff channel. No signs of a disturbance. Original Notes 0904, Emerald, clear and calm 0907, NV, angled and wispy, 10ft 0913, NV, wispy and angled, 10ft 0914, Cistern, light boil overflow on all three sides 0916, NV wispy jets. Again at 0917, 0920 0918, Crater Spring, clear and calm 0919, Tantalus, clear and calm 0926, SV 2ft wisp 0929, NV angled to 20ft and SV to 3ft 0935, SV wisp 0940, water slowly going down runoff channel 0941, angled NV to 10ft 0947, NV vertical to 40ft no SV 0954, angled NV to 30ft SV to 4 1007, NV angled to 40ft SV to 8ft runoff 'front' pushed a foot.

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