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Date/Time From:2020-10-06 @ 1018
Date/Time To:2020-10-06 @ 1610
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Note:13H 15M into the eruption. Both vents are still throwing water! NV 25' continuously. SV 10' with a steady stream of water flowing down the runoff channel. Cistern Spring is down ~1.5' below the inner tube rim. It is calm, steamy and blue! @ 1149 both vents are still throwing water! NV 35', SV 10+ and both continually. Cistern Spring is down 2' from rim of inner tube. @1251 SB had transitioned to billowy steam as viewed from Yellow Funnel and Orby. @1551 SB (19H into eruption)is rhythmically huffing billowy steam. Interestingly, SB's platform is dry and it looks like it's been coated in a layer of dried pottery clay. Especially Jabba. SV runoff channel looks like it's been painted with plaster of paris or a Porcelain paint! SO white! 19H - Cistern Spring is empty of all visable water.

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