Note 16812

Date/Time From:2021-01-17 @ 1500
Date/Time To:2021-01-18 @ 1200
Observer:YVO Constant Logger
Time Entered:2021-01-18 13:31:28
Time Updated:2021-01-18 14:02:28
Time Uploaded:2021-01-18 14:02:28
Note:Minors started to become more spaced out around 1500 January 17 and occurred roughly hourly by 1800. This culminated into the first non-minor since ±April/May 2020 at 0220 January 18. It has since had two non-minors before logger data was uploaded @ 1200. Previous disturbances featured Whirligig switching from exclusively minors to exclusively non-minors for roughly the duration of the disturbance. Therefore, my assumption is that there's a disturbance currently ongoing at Norris.

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