Note 16850

Date/Time From:2020-09-01 @ 1000
Date/Time To:2020-09-01 @ 2030
Time Entered:2021-02-15 19:52:23
Time Uploaded:2021-02-15 19:52:23
Note:Observations started at ~5d16h PE. After decent runoff between 1000-1100, activity weakened. There was a moderate push midday with good overflows (4 on steerage scale with debris wash) at 1330 and 1343 following NVV minors. After this, isolated NVV minors at 1428, 1623, and 1729 produced decent overflow (3-3.5 on steerage scale) but did not sustain. I left for the parking lot at 1910 and did not return until 2000, but nothing of note was reported by others during that time. Minors were weak from 2000 right up until 2033 when the eruption sequence started.

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