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Geyser:Other Geyser
Date/Time From:2021-04-21 @ 1500
Date/Time To:2021-04-21 @ 1600
Entrant:Micah Kipple
Observer:Micah Kipple
Time Entered:2021-04-21 17:25:30
Time Uploaded:2021-04-21 17:25:30
Note:OBSERVATIONS: Round Spring in the Thud Group is very hot, cyan blue in color, with energetic steam bubbles flaming at the bottom accompanied by lots of pops and rumbling. Overflow exits from either side of the spring (North and South) and heavy bacteria doesn't appear for several feet beyond the spring. I saw no wash or debris from a major eruption, and the activity and overflow appeared to be steady throughout my hour of observation. While there was no wash or debris, the high heat and vigorous flaming in the vent make me hesitate to rule out an eruption. The observations are thus inconclusive. INTERPRETATIONS/THOUGHTS: I trust my coworker on what he saw, he was very specific, and I could imagine that a small 2-3 foot bursting eruption from Round Spring could get away without leaving any evidence. So I think it erupted but it was either a singular event, or it is erupting on long intervals. Further study and observations are needed.

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Round spring 2020Entrant: geysergaze
Time Entered:2021-04-21 19:12:43
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