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Note:35D22H. Both vents are active. Still NV dominated with tall, sometimes vertical play. SV has good, angled, jetting that is putting out some babbling brooks. Evidence of some nice SV play before I arrived as the SV tributaries below the bridge are wet and have pooled water in low depressions. Very typical of good activity I've observed.... then it drops off to a dismal trickle. Green algae is forming in SV channel ABOVE the trough and extends 30'+ below the bridge & it is most dense in the trough and 6' below the bridge. Emerald spring is clear, calm and overflowing. Cistern Spring water level is just at or barely below the scalloped edges (sinter rim) of the pool. It is overflowing out the established run off channels and a bit out the backside and toward Veteran. Color is blue and it's clear with a vigorous boil. Muddy pool is devoid of water.

Hi cb, i wanted to say thank you for the detailed comments, you make me feel like im there looking at SB myself, i hope you and Bill had a great winter.
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