Note 18342

Date/Time:2021-07-10 @ 1758
Time Entered:2021-07-10 17:58:21
Time Updated:2021-07-10 18:33:12
Time Uploaded:2021-07-10 21:52:33
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:2D11.5. Steamboat is still ie with milder play compared to this morning. NV still is producing mix of a thin veil of water with steam to 10'. SV huffing steam, no water in the vent or channel. CISTERN SPRING is empty and dry, no steam or audible water sounds. EMERALD SPRING is turquoise blue in color, cloudy, not in overflow and with the same small bubblers on the edge of the pool closest to the boardwalk.

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