Note 19469

Date/Time From:2021-09-06 @ 1000
Date/Time To:2021-09-06 @ 2200
Observer:BenVL, Dan S, Larissa, Art
Time Entered:2021-09-10 21:48:57
Time Uploaded:2021-09-10 21:48:57
Note:60 Days Post Eruptive - Entering to put some observations to the USGS temp chart which I'm sure will raise some eyebrows! Arrived at 1000 with the intention of sitting on Constant/Whirligig but thankfully was called over by Ben due to very interesting behavior. At 0932 MDT (0832 MST) Ben observed a VERY strong concerted N/S minor. Then at 1016 MDT (0916 MST) another HUGE concert minor occurred, washing large amounts of gravel down the South Vent runoff channel to the bridge/steerage. The event had little if any followup, but then at 1122 MDT (1022 MST) Ben, Larissa and I were at Decker when out of nowhere another HUGE minor occurred. The minor lasted for 15-30 seconds and if it was any other time in this active phase you would have sworn that SB was starting. Dan confirmed that large amounts of gravel were again washed down the runoff channel and little to no followup occurred. These large events are shown on the USGS temp chart as spikes to 50°c. More moderate concerted minor events occurred after this from around 1200-1300 (MDT). At 1412 and 1419 MDT (1312 & 1319 MST) an incredible concerted minors got us on the radio as SB looked like it was about to start yet again. This event shows as up well over 50° on the USGS temp chart. After that heart stopping series, SB returned to behavior more in line with the last two days, as opposed to the mornings activity. N/S concerted minors with periods of stronger activity punctuated by 30-50 minutes of decreased activity. These lulls in activity featured either both vents being mostly quiet or North Vent sending large flashy bursts up with little/no south. Cistern Spring is still in good overflow with a very slow/small runoff into the muddy pool. Emerald Spring is still in very good overflow, compared to last week. Crater Springs is not doing major or minor eruptions and is in constant boil from the North Pool vent.

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