Note 19470

Date/Time From:2021-09-10 @ 1530
Date/Time To:2021-09-10 @ 1900
Observer:Demetri S and Mara R
Time Entered:2021-09-10 21:50:17
Time Uploaded:2021-09-10 21:50:17
Note:Observed from the lower deck. Overall, activity did not match that described over the past few days, but seems to have improved slightly from Ben's morning observations. A few isolated energetic minors were observed. Otherwise, play was frequent and typically concerted or led by South Vent. Notable events include: 1633 concerted (if lethargic) play with good discharge from South Vent, 1709 concerted play with sustained vertical water in both vents with very strong discharge down the South Vent runoff channel - energetic followup activity continued through 1711, and 1833 voluminous play from both vents with some vertical.

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