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Note:I came down to SB because of the large 40° spike on the temp graph. SV runoff channel is very wet 20' below its vent. At Steerage the channel is damp and the dampness extends out beyond the bridge toward Echinus for a bit. Some pooling in the main runoff channel and the dampness extends to Tantalus creek. Steamboat is billowing steam and fairly (oddly) quiet. (1) wispy angled NV spray. Nothing seen out of SV. Back shoulder is dry. A weird, out of the blue, major minor? 🤪 CISTERN SPRING is still in COPIOUS overflow in all directions. EMERALD SPRING is steamy, calm and in overflow.

Thank you so much for the report!
Entrant: Polly
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No flags for this note. requested by cb: screenshots of YVO temperature trace showing the large, isolated temperature spike on the evening of 10/3.Entrant: mhreed
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