Note 20260

Date/Time From:2021-10-31 @ 1120
Date/Time To:2021-10-31 @ 1814
Observer:cb, bbev
Time Entered:2021-10-31 16:59:30
Time Updated:2021-10-31 19:22:57
Time Uploaded:2021-10-31 19:23:54
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:6D,10hrs PE: SV runoff appears to have improved overnight and continued to improve into the afternoon. Several SV "rock rollers", some concerted, some solo. NV much more active and voluminous after 1530. Play became more concerted, maybe 50%+ in the afternoon as well. Very grumbly, sometimes thunderous off and on throughout the day. Quieted down some after 1700.

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