Note 20265

Date/Time From:2021-11-01 @ 2100
Date/Time To:2021-11-02 @ 0040
Time Entered:2021-11-02 02:33:37
Time Uploaded:2021-11-02 02:33:37
Note:note new name, was known as Barrett. Arrive at 21:00 stayed till 00:40 the next day. Here are my observations. SV and NV played together more frequently as time went on. NV tended to play 1 to 3 surges. Lots of good 30 feet, A couple of 50 feet. There was also a minor play. NV just kept surging higher and higher in my flashlight. I'd say 70' to 100', NV went 6 to 7 splashs that time. It quited down a little bit toward 00:40 but that was the time I got driven off the basin because fog had completely settled in.

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