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Date/Time From:2022-05-14 @ 1015
Date/Time To:2022-05-14 @ 1400
Time Entered:2022-05-14 14:33:37
Time Updated:2022-05-14 14:36:16
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Note:I observed some nice concerted, vertical (with NV bounce) play out of both vents that put a babbling brook down the channel. 1328 had the most impressive event that put a ragging river down the SV channel. Nice CNVVSVV w/ substantial SV run off were at 1035, 1057, 1200, 1310, & 1328. The water at steerage is VERY clear & debris has been pushed away from the bottom of the trough toward the bridge. ** @ 1008 Emerald spring is clear, calm, green & in nice overflow. ** @ 1200 Cistern Spring is only overflowing out the established channel on the south end of its pool. (toward Echinus) It has a weak boil.

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