Note 2154

Date/Time From:2015-08-14 @ 1604
Date/Time To:2015-08-14 @ 1856
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2015-08-18 20:15:09
Time Updated:2015-08-18 20:28:02
Time Uploaded:2015-08-18 20:28:03
Note:Sawmill off & no visible water at 1604 & 1625. Water just visible as of 1637. Water level slowly rising from 1637 on. Vent nearly full at 1725. Water on proximal part of geyserite platform at 1728. Tardy cycle activity occurred in the Sawmill Group at this time, with no Sawmill eruption observed. Water was off the platform at 1835, but still visible in the vent.

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