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Date/Time:2022-07-17 @ 1200
Time Entered:2022-07-19 05:39:37
Time Updated:2022-07-19 05:42:29
Time Uploaded:2022-07-19 05:42:31
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Note:NGB: Increased cyclic activity from three holes up slope NNE from Incline G, just below the two grindstone looking mounds, with heavy forced splashes then a roar of steam, then quiet, repeated in waves. This appears to be very nearly in the same location as the blowout which occurred in Sept 1971 and will do some photo comparisons. Will keep an eye on it! - - - Visible water also is pulsing out below the thick sinter at the base of the slope below the old roadway E of the Incline location. Farther south cool groundwater from the over full Nuphar area also continues to flow at a steady rate into the basin but the green algae growths are diminishing. - - - Cross referencing this as an Incline Note since finding things in Other Geyser is not always simple if you don't remember the year.

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