Note 23433

Date/Time:2022-08-27 @ 1510
Time Entered:2022-08-27 15:38:12
Time Updated:2022-08-27 16:57:00
Time Uploaded:2022-08-27 16:57:01
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Clepsydra pausing, side vent down ~4" and not splashing. Spasm ie with occasional surges, Jelly overflowing. Jet active, saw standing water in SFP during Jet at 1530, it dropped after. Twig and Peanot dry. Water level very high in Ftn and Morning and even higher in MT (calm pool, no boiling). Water levels in F, M, and MT began to drop slowly at 1530 after Clepsydra came on in continuous mode at 1520.

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