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Date/Time:2022-09-21 @ 1230
Time Entered:2022-09-21 13:36:09
Time Uploaded:2022-09-21 15:05:59
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Mammoth update: Grassy Springs flow stops around the near edge of the three way boardwalk intersection. Dryad is dry. Not even a puff of steam. Canary is extending more in the direction of Jupiter Terrace. Water is not filling the old vent. Decent flow down Marble Terrace. New Blue is pretty and flowing into the terraces. A small trickle is reaching the bottom of the hill. Narrow Gauge has great color to the far end. Orange Spring Mound is still flowing well from the end near the road. Prospect Spring still active, though flow much less than on my June visit and not threatening the road. Mound Spring is still flowing well. Palette is flowing well from the pool west of Devil's Thumb. Thankfully the flow is more away from the Thumb. The pool to the east of the Thumb is not overflowing the terrace as much as usual but appears hotter. The overflow is going south and west of that pool rather than over the side and is pooling hotter water. Cleopatra is unchanged.

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