Note 24001

Date/Time:2022-09-22 @ 1553
Time Entered:2022-09-22 15:59:28
Time Updated:2022-09-23 05:34:18
Time Uploaded:2022-09-23 05:34:19
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:4D45M.. NV is rhythmically huffing forceful steam, no jets of water. SV forceful steam. SV Channel is dry from the vent down about 15', damp from there onward. NV channel has a thin stream of water most likely from the bubbler up by the confluence. ** Cistern Spring pool is just at the edge of the inner rim tube with a small string of bubbles occationally breaking the surface. It's clear and blue. **Emerald Spring is a green/blueish color, clear and calm. 3Trees feature has a 3" blooper.

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