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Date/Time:2022-10-11 @ 1009
Time Entered:2022-10-11 10:17:19
Time Updated:2022-10-11 10:45:29
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Note:22D,19hrs PE: Both vents active, mostly NV jetting to 20', with an occasional SV heard. Only a trickle of water in SV runoff. NV bubbler active with trickle of water in runoff channel. Mudpot between channels gurgling. CS barely overflowing on the sides, lightly boiling inclear pool. ES clear and overflowing. Farewell for now, see you in the spring!

Thank you for all of your reports. Safe travels!
Entrant: Polly
Time Entered:2022-10-11 14:21:25
Time Uploaded:2022-10-11 14:21:26
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Thank you both for another year of reports! safe travels!
Entrant: bhoppe
Time Entered:2022-10-11 15:09:56
Time Uploaded:2022-10-11 15:09:58
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