Note 2520

Geyser:Other Geyser
Date/Time From:2015-08-10 @ 1126
Date/Time To:2015-08-10 @ 1841
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2015-10-11 13:00:11
Time Updated:2016-05-24 19:44:26
Time Uploaded:2016-05-24 17:43:07
Note:UNNG-GHG-7 ("Son of Beach Geyser") experienced many full pool pulsing events ("eruptions") during the late morning to early evening of 10 August 2015. Pulsing water & full pool from 1126 to 1129; slightly lower, calm pool at 1130; pool drain at 1131. Noticed nearly full pool pulsing at 1149; pool calm at 1151; water gone at 1152. Water in pool at 1208; pulsing from 1208 to 1209; pool calm at 1210; drain at 1210. Pulsing pool at 1217 to 1225; pool calm at 1230; water gone at 1231. Water in pool at 1246 (not full, but pulsing); nearly full pool pulsing at 1248; calm at 1255; water gone at 1256. Pulsing in a ~close-to-full pool at 1310; overflow at 1313 to 1328; pool calm at 1329; water gone at 1330. Noticed a pulsing pool at 1348; water gone at 1350. Pulsing in a not-full pool at 1357; calm at 1358; water gone at 1358. Small spitting from a rising pool at 1409; pulsing higher pool at 1409; calm at 1411; water gone at 1411. Pulsing water in a not-full pool at 1416; almost full pool pulsing at 1418; full pool pulsing & overflow at 1421; calm at 1428; water gone at 1429. Pulsing water in a ~half-filled pool at 1441; water gone at 1442. Pulsing pool (water level just below the base of the geyserite border scallops) at 1447; full pulsing pool & overflow at 1451; calm at 1452; water gone at 1453. Pulsing of a not-full pool at 1511; full pool pulsing & overflowing at 1513; calm at 1514. Pulsing partially-filled pool at 1520; pulsing of almost-full pool at 1524; noticed water was gone at 1527. Pulsing of a non-full pool at 1534; pulsing full pool at 1537; calm at 1538; water gone at 1539. Pulsing of an almost full pool at 1547; pulsing full pool at 1549 to 1552; calm at 1552, with water level dropping; water gone at 1553. Pulsing nearly-full pool at 1605; calm at 1606; water gone at 1607. Pulsing partially-filled pool at 1614; pulsing full pool at 1615 to 1626; slender spout (!) at 1629; calm at 1630; water gone at 1631. Low pulsing pool at 1639; water gone at 1640. Pulsing non-filled pool at 1642; pulsing of an almost-full pool at 1643; calm at 1644; water gone at 1644. Pulsing pool at 1649 to 1652; drain at 1656. Pulsing low pool at 1702; water gone at 1703. Pulsing partially-filled pool at 1708, followed by pool drain. Pulsing partially-filled pool at 1711; pulsing nearly-full pool at 1712; calm at 1713; drain at 1713. Pulsing partially-filled pool at 1722; calm at 1724; drain at 1724. Pulsing partially-filled pool at 1729; pulsing of a nearly-full pool at 1731; calm at 1738; water gone at 1739. Pulsing partially-filled pool at 1746; water gone at 1749. Pulsing partially-filled pool at 1752; water gone at 1753. Stopped recording details after that. Left at 1841.

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