Note 26449

Date/Time From:2023-06-16 @ 1520
Date/Time To:2023-06-16 @ 1620
Time Entered:2023-06-18 17:51:07
Time Updated:2023-06-19 16:55:34
Time Uploaded:2023-06-19 16:55:38
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Note:There was a Rocket Major at the start of Grotto (a few minutes before this observation). Mastiff was often spraying from the back vent and a few times from the front vent. There was one wide splash front & back. Mastiff was depth charging after Bijou slowdowns. Bijou was on very strong and lessened slightly every few minutes (and then Catfish would spurt). Never came anywhere close to a good slowdown nor a pause. The Southwest Vents had light steam. I think that there may have been another Rocket at about the usual time that shut Grotto down. I heard lots of splashing over there at one point but couldn’t see any water due to lots of steam & wind direction. Grotto was already off when I walked over there at the end of this observation.

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