Note 27101

Date/Time From:2023-07-17 @ 1020
Date/Time To:2023-07-17 @ 1120
Time Entered:2023-07-17 15:57:55
Time Updated:2023-07-17 17:26:09
Time Uploaded:2023-07-17 18:37:54
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Note:Minors are generally of longer durations and stronger than they were two days ago. North Vent is very boomy and rumbling. It had some nice tall bursts, with one “Wow!” height briefly. Some minors were wide, with 3 NVCenter and 2 good bounces. There were 2 South Vent solos. South is taller than previous days. During the hour there were 7 audible runoffs and 2 babbling brooks.

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