Note 27117

Date/Time From:2023-07-18 @ 1412
Date/Time To:2023-07-18 @ 1600
Time Entered:2023-07-18 18:45:45
Time Uploaded:2023-07-18 20:35:51
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Note:Minors of note: 1423 Concerted of a longish duration with NVCenter that produced a Babbling Brook +. (Not as tall as the last couple of days). 1547-48 Concerted, full across & strong with a lengthy Raging River. (Not the tallest I’ve seen this week, but definitely the most runoff.). No follow up seen. Overall, the booms and rumbles of yesterday were absent today except for a couple of lesser sounds during this observation.

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