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Date/Time:2024-02-29 @ 1852
Time Entered:2024-03-01 11:46:36
Time Uploaded:2024-03-01 11:46:36
Note:It appeared from the seismograph YNM that Steamboat was erupting. No other seismograph showed an eruption and observation the next day showed it had not erupted. It appears the seismograph was giving false readings.

It wasn't a false reading by the seismograph, rather, an incorrect interpretation of what it showed. Additionally, given it erupted only three days prior, it shouldn't be expected to erupt this soon at this point in time. Those days are long gone in this active phase.
Entrant: JarnoO
Time Entered:2024-03-01 17:40:55
Time Uploaded:2024-03-01 17:40:55
The confusion was caused by the way the seismographs display data. They change the scale automatically based on what they have seen recently, so that the line can always stay at an appropriate width on screen. On the 28th, something happened where the amount of background noise YNM sees was greatly reduced, and it adjusted the scaling overnight to compensate. When the normal background noise resumed, it looked very similar to a Steamboat eruption because the scale had been increased so much. Check YNM for March 1, and you will see that trace appears very close to normal size.
Entrant: Ben VL
Time Entered:2024-03-02 12:15:29
Time Uploaded:2024-03-02 12:15:29
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