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Date/Time From:2017-05-16 @ 1500
Date/Time To:2017-05-16 @ 2113
Time Entered:2017-05-16 23:43:44
Time Updated:2017-05-17 08:24:45
Time Uploaded:2017-05-17 08:24:48
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Note:Bryon arrived at FTN at 1500, I arrived at 1655. We did not see each other until about 1807 and then began coordinating our observations. From 1500 until the FTN start at 2042, Bryon observed 24 stop - restarts by Clepsydra. From 1655 until the FTN start at 2042 I observed 9 Clepsydra stop - restarts. In the stop - restarts, when Jet started to erupt the boiling in Spasm decreased and Clepsydra stopped. When Clepsydra restarted Jet stopped and the Spasm boiling increased. At 1804 Jet started to erupt BUT Clepsydra and Spasm this time CONTINUED to erupt. After 1804 the seeming correlation ended and Clepsydra no longer appeared to affect, or be affected by Jet. Twig was on very frequenty from 1655 until I left at 2113. The Jet eruptions were very weak until just before the FTN start. Superfrying pan erupted at 2035 & 2040, just before the FTN start with some burst to 10+ft There were two short bursts from MT. The 2044 Bursts were to about 10 feet and the 2048 bursts to about 25ft. FTN stopped at 2109. When I left at 2113, Twig, Clepsydra, and Jet were still erupting. When Byron arrived at 1500 the Fountain area was dry and he guessed that the last FTN eruption happen 1 to 2 hours earlier. It was 5 hrs 42 minutes after Byron's arrival that FTN finally erupted at 2042. So, the interval had to be possibly 7 to 8 hrs or more. Note sure how this fits into the other Geyser Gazers recent observations, but it did make for an interesting and strange evening for the two of us.

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