Note 4835

Date/Time:2017-08-08 @ 0239
Observer:Korben Cooper kc101
Time Entered:2017-08-08 15:47:27
Time Uploaded:2017-08-08 15:47:27
Note:Reported "Not major but 100 ft minor". Would like some additional confirmation as it was the 3rd entry from the user and their first 4 entries included two webam times (one webcam BHI followed by a non-webcam BH) yesterday, and a BH Webcam time today which was off by several minutes. Converting their eruption time to a note for the record.

Although I'm not a Steamboat logger expert, I don't think this minor has taken place (although not entirely impossible). The only time the temperature rises significantly *before* 0239 is between 0155 and 0207, where a rise of 0.9C occurs. Then the temperature drops gradually to 22.5C again from 0207 to 0333. At 0239 the temperature was at 23.1C, and stayed this way until at least 0241, after which the temperature dropped again. Three times (0229, 0249 and 0323) a rise of 0.1C occurs. 22.5C is kept from 0333 to 0351 and rises again between 0353 and 0359 to 23.5C.
Entrant: JarnoO
Time Entered:2017-08-09 14:08:50
Time Uploaded:2017-08-09 14:08:50
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