Note 5149

Date/Time:1979-06-26 @ 1800
Observer:1979 log
Time Entered:2017-08-20 05:46:14
Time Uploaded:2017-10-02 14:45:06
Note:06/26/1979 {no times} Following the 73 minutes eruption, Echinus had a muddy rock throwing eruption from a completely empty pool which lasted exactly 3 minutes. Before the eruption, water could be heard in a pre-boil deep within the vent, but was not visible. The eruption commenced with perhaps 20 seconds of 5 to 20 foot sprays followed by powerful surging. Many bursts showered the crowd with water and fine pebbles. The drain was very quick – only 35 seconds and the pool was about 2 feet below normal eruption level with the drain started. As the water disappeared out of sight, three bursts of water came up 10 to 20 feet – scared the devil out of me as I was in the crater timing the drain. The crowd thought it great seeing me scurry out of the crater! Minor steam phase followed the drain. The interval from the previous long eruption was 118 minutes, with 45 minutes from the end of the long to the beginning of the short. Start 10:55 The next eruption was another wild one throwing at least 100 rocks in thick muddy water (thick for Echinus). The pre-boil was at least 22 minutes and on 3 separate occasions the boil moved from the side of the pool to the center without triggering an eruption. The eruption started with pool level down 4 feet; overflow occurred at 6m50s into the eruption. Duration was 8:35 with a drain of 1:30.

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