Note 6208

Date/Time:1973-04-22 @ 1216
Observer:1973 log -Rick H
Time Entered:2017-09-09 12:50:17
Time Uploaded:2017-10-02 14:45:06
Note:04/22/1973 Ebony (continued) All of the minor eruptions from 12:16 to 6:39 were followed by the water draining only part way – generally 1 to 1 ½ feet above the narrowest part of the vent. The timing of the durations of the minor eruptions and the major eruption at 8:06 pm was based on the same definitions used yesterday. After 2:33 pm no additional measurements were made to determine how much time was required for the water in the vent to drain down to its lowest level because a white snowshoe rabbit moved in to rest under one of the nearby sinter encrusted logs. It was left undisturbed so that the visitors could have the privilege of seeing &photographing him. Someone claimed it was the “Easter Bunny”! After posing for more than 16 people and staying in one spot less than 20 feet from the vent of Ebony for more than 4 ½ hours the snowshoe casually wandered off at 7:45 pm.

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