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Note:Echinus is back! See YVO graph @ - (click on attachment below). Best guess from looking at other graphs (Steamboat etc) is that there had been a disturbance in the basin the past few weeks. An additional comment from my brother, Bob Partner, who has watched Norris graphs consistently for years: "The minors at Steamboat came back after the November 10-12 events but very different character from normal pattern. Disturbances don’t always take the same pattern at Steamboat. I think this was an ongoing disturbance or shift in energy not a classic “disturbance”. The Steamboat graph will tell the tale if it isn’t lost."

Interesting. Steamboat minors came back around the time Echinus stopped, so I figured that it was the end of a disturbance. I'll be interested to see whats happening with Steamboat when it's temp. graphs update again.
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